Well you found this blog! I am going to share MY thoughts about YouTube beauty gurus. 

This is a blog that has my opinions, what I have been doing and suggestions for things! This first blog will be about what thanksgiving means to me and to you.

Bullies MUST BE STOPPED! This story is a nonfiction text about what happened at my school and please comment telling me if you think this is wrong or not.

Is a Doctor Who B-Day enough for me?

Week eight of the college football season wrapped up last night. After the reveal of this week’s AP Top-25 poll, there are a lot of questions we need answered.

      A follow up to 10 Summer activates and why you shouldn't take your guinea pig  to them.

A promising season turns out to be a disappointment.

Alaska: A cold place that's not so cold, a barren land full of friendly people, a state of old fashioned ways that is actually quite modern with a rustic flare.

Paris is the city of love and beauty, right? Well, there's many shades and sides to Paris that you probably didn't know about...

I have made several attempts to have a daily blog, and failed. Now I will take another shot, but this time a weekly blog.

The Fault in Our Stars- a book by John Green and recent movie, the way that I see it.

To mystery readers everywhere: some concerning news!