A brief free verse poem as an elegy to an important person in history that isn't very well known, Dimitrina Ivanova.

It's been over 101 years since the Easter Rising occurred in Ireland. 

Since the dawn of humankind,
Society has been blind,
The treatment of women compared to men has been unfair,
There is inequality beyond compare.

 I wonder...who Hana Brady was and why her suitcase is significant to our understanding of the Holocaust and perspective in this tragedy?

My family is a freshly baked Sicilian lasagna. 

This is a persuasive essay I wrote about the Dakota Pipeline with the purpose to inform and persuade. Enjoy!

Is it possible for a black bear to have white fur?

Ode to the element who shelters millions of creatures

I don’t know what you did over break, but I met Hobbits, threw knives, set off fireworks, witnessed the destruction of an entire planet, and...did math.

The Broncos won and I was at Mile High Stadium to watch it!

Have you ever had the chance to face your fears?

I’m no Instagram model or Kim Kardashian, the perfect image of beauty derived by a male-driven society.