A zombie pandemic is spreading across the world. At an emergency meeting in the U.N. General Assembly, delegates are debating furiously about what can be done to defeat the zombies.

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I love this joke!

When the discrimination of the Jewish people began in World War ||.

A fun hike and exploring for the w hole family.

Recently, with all of the natural disasters happening around the globe, there is a common question racing through all of our minds: Is global warming real? Now is the time to act so as to create a better future and a better globe. Two things that you can do to help fight this increasing problem is compost and recycle.

Here are a few mind tricks that I found. I didn't pass the test, but can you?

The debate on sleeping in: Have you been listening? If so, what’s your opinion?

Are you afraid of mice? Do they make your skin crawl? Then you’re not alone. But what if you found a nest of baby mice in your car?

Did you know owls can live n burrows?

A short memoir I recently wrote about my relationship with time

In the late 1700s the Locklear family has to survive in America with a family secret that can never be told. For if they do their lives would be endangered.

As the winter wears on things could get worse.