The eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

This is a book review for Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge.

What is Music?

I'm Anna. I'm writing a blog. First time... Yay!

My name is Jasmine Bradford and I like to write.

The first section of a story I've decided to write, based on a fantasy society.


I watch you dance upon nerves and mines
You don't see, I hate you for that.

I don't need my pain to sting the bee
So I hope that you are happy

Why won't you look at me?
So that you won't look this way
It's tearing me apart.
I'll be silent, I'll be mute.

I wish not to curse that sun with rain
Please save me… don't save me…

Why I'm proud to be billingual.

          Long ago, on the planet Earth, there lived three kids: Vanessa, Jenna, and, Samuel who lived with their mom and dad in a place called Pennsylvania. And while they lived in a cottage that suited them in the middle of the woods, their parents were mean and made them do awful chores instead of going to school and playing outside like most kids do.
One foggy morning just before dawn, Vanessa, Jenna, and Samuel decided that enough was enough and ran away from their parents into the woods.

Is to suffer a blessing?
Or, perhaps, some curse?

This is a poem/song that I wrote during the last CK Reporter Workshop.