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“Take a Stand by Taking a Seat”

Do you ever feel over-scheduled, not having time to do things that you adore doing, or exhausted from lots of activities? Well, someone can relate to you! Take a break and have some rest and relaxation while reading Jack Strong Takes a Stand by Tommy Greenwald, if you’re around 8 years old and up!
Jack’s schedule is engulfed with extracurricular academic and exhausting sports activities. Sometimes, he wants a break, but his dad says firmly, "No Jack, I want you to be well rounded for college."  Jack can’t withstand all these activities any longer. He bravely starts a bold boycott that was very courageous of him. The boycott started off like a silly act, but then escalated, like a crescendo, resulting in a situation that got critical. He lived on the couch for 10 days! Jack refused to get up unless his parents let him escape a handful of activities. Find out what happened when the local news reporters were notified about this inspirational young boy! Will Jack win this battle and gain himself some free time?
This book is highly recommended for kids who are stressed out and need a break from their busy, over-booked schedules. Your attention will be captivated into Jack’s world and you don’t want to put it down! Maybe, you will want to share this clever, inspiring, irresistible novel with your own parents!