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150 Play, 1000 Hear Brassfest Event

Over 150 people polished up their mouthpieces, greased their slides, emptied their water keys, and oiled their valves. These 150 brass players came together on Saturday, December 10, 2011, to join the Denver Brass for their annual Christmas free concert, also known as the Denver Brass' 2011 Brassfest. It's the Denver Brass' only concert of the year that's free to the public and has been done for nearly 20 years.

150 people were never actually formally part of the Denver Brass, yet still played with them on this 40-degree Saturday. Yet what left a lasting impression on people coming from everywhere from 1 to 500 miles away to the Denver Performing Arts Complex (DPAC) was getting a chance to play for thousands of people with the Denver Brass. Anyone was allowed to play if they had done two things: paid and participated in the rehearsal. The sound of the Christmas tunes echoed throughout the Complex and reached nearby pedestrians. People were hearing the music everywhere: sitting just 3 feet from the sounds to 1 mile from the performance, and even 80 feet up on elevator platforms and 30 feet down on the streets around DPAC. The music was heard everywhere near the Colfax and Speer building. After the performance, Denver Brass conductor Warren Deck explained that his favorite part of being with the Denver Brass was conducting great music and meeting new friends as they come through the Denver Brass. The Denver Brass does about 150 concerts a year.

For more information, please visit the Denver Brass at www.denverbrass.org.