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The 72nd Colorado State Spelling Bee

Megan Galgano

Can you spell obsequious? How about serendipity? Well, in the Spelling Bee, you have to be able to spell those words. Of course, not all of the words are challenging, there are some simple ones to, like opera, and spherical. There are so many words that you should know, but it all pays off if you manage to get into The National Bee. However, you can’t get there right away.  You have to start small, like the Archdiocese Bee.
Having been in the Archdiocese Bee myself, I know that it is really interesting being a speller. The Archdiocese Bee has 2 levels, the Intermediate Bee for grades 4th and 5th, and the Advanced Bee for middle school students (6th-8th). The Bee takes place in February. There are 3 rounds, the written test, the oral round, and the final round. They send the top 1 or 2 from each level to the State Bee, and then if they make it, they go to Nationals. The Archdiocese Bee has already announced its winners, so the next one is the State bee.
The Colorado State Bee has not happened yet, but it is coming up soon. It will be happening on March 10th at the Colorado Convention Center. Many people come to compete, a very big amount. It begins with a written test of 50 words. They can only miss a few words, or they won’t make it to the next round. The number of rounds varies.  It depends on how many contestants can be eliminated. The State Bee will not be on television, but it will have media coverage on the news. This will be the 72nd state bee for Colorado.
As you can imagine, being in the Spelling Bee is not as easy as just memorizing words and spelling them. It requires practice, tests, and much more to be ready. It is not all hard work though, it can be fun too. Practicing with a group or coach can be fun. You can play games to practice, or you can have your own miniature-bee. Being in the bee is really fun. It is also really exciting when you get to say something like: “Hey, I made it to the Final Round in the State Bee!”  The spellers must be really proud to be in the bee.  I wonder if they are good enough to make it to National Spelling Bee?  I can’t wait to find out.



Hope everyone likes it!

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