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A Day at the Beach...in Colorado?!

When someone thinks of summer, one of the most common phrases that comes to mind is "Let's go to the beach." With any number of exclamation points afterwards, it may sound like a lackluster idea or the best idea on planet Earth.At the end of the summer, there isn't much to do. Thankfully, Colorado has many things to see and experience including... a beach.
Okay, it really isn't a beach, but it is very similar. This artificial shoreline is part of a historic Chatfield Reservoir. The reservoir was built in response to the 1965 flood, when the waters in a nearby dam rose so high they burst the dam and flooded the area beyond in 13 feet of water. In later years, the reservoir turned into a site for recreation and sports. Eventually the six-foot swimming section was roped off and people were allowed to swim in the water.
Chatfield Reservoir is located in Littleton, CO., and it houses a whole lot of space to go boating and a special section for fishing. Water skiing is also permitted, as is hiking in the expansive trail and forest nearby. The swimming area is the most populated in the shallow waters, but nobody is allowed past the red buoys in the further reaches of the reservoir. I give this a 4.5 rating and hope that others will enjoy it as much as I did.