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A Different Game of Soccer

If you like a fun, quick soccer game, then Kick-It 3v3 is the thing for you. This is a 3 on 3 soccer tournament that happens across the country with regional finals scheduled late July in Vail.
The important person running this tournament is Hilary VanDuzer. Hilary was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has been playing soccer since she was 7 years old. Hilary has been doing soccer tournaments for 4 years. She got involved in Kick-It because her college professor put her in the Kick-It company, which is based in Littleton, CO.
It takes about 10 months to plan an event and Vail gets about 250 teams plus 1400 kids. It also has 23 fields and 40 referees. They choose to do this in Vail because it is a nice place to be and is a great opportunity for families to turn their soccer tournament into a vacation. There are team names like The Flaming Donuts, Chicka Wow Wow, The D'feeters, and The One Eyed, One Horned Flying Purple People Eaters. Additionally, a team from Mexico drives up to Vail every year!
"I really like coming to Vail because it's a unique venue and the scenery is great" Says Hilary. "My favorite part of my job is working really hard on something and when it starts, seeing everyone having a good time."
If you win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, every person on the team wins a plaque and the teams that do well in their division are invited to go to the world championships in Walt Disney World. About 1000 teams qualify to play in Florida, which is held in January each year. This is a fun way to get a team together of just 3 kids and have a great time.