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A Fun Way to Play

A great game to add to your Christmas wish list is Moxie Girlz Be True! Be You! for Nintendo DS and DSI. You are the reporter, editor, and artist for the Moxie Girls magazine. Each issue you have a different topic like friendship, compassion, love, and sometimes what you love to do! You get to edit and make awesome layouts for your own magazine! You get to customize outfits and chose different poses for the photo shoot. During the photo shoot you get to choose what you want to be the cover picture! You can unlock new accessories, skirts, shoes, and pants to make your Moxie Girl even more stylish than before! You can also use your DSI camera to take pictures for the magazine. This game is so much fun! You could spend hours playing it and never get bored! I would recommend this video game to anyone who loves their family and friends and also their community! I think so many people would like this. You can get Moxie Girlz Be True! Be You! at Target and anywhere DS and DSI games are sold.