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Afferra Le Palle, e Tempo Di Bocce!!

I recently went to a neighbor's birthday/ Bocce party. Being Italian, I knew how fun Bocce was. In the past, I had played the Italian sport. Join in on the fun and learn more, grab your balls, it's Bocce time!Bocce is a classic Italian sport that was first played in Ancient Rome. A Bocce set includes nine balls: four green bocces (balls), four red bocces and the white pallino (jack).The object of the game is to get your team's color bocce closest to the small pallino. Teams take turns throwing their bocces. Bocces are usually thrown in an underarm throw used to knock the other team's bocces away from the pallino. A Bocce game typically lasts from seven to thirteen points.
Bocce Facts:--Bocce is the plural of the Italian word boccia, which means "bowl".--Bocce is played in Europe, Australia, North America and South America, Slovenia, Croatia and Southern France.--A traditional Bocce court is natural soil and asphalt, the courts are 90ft long and 8.2 to 13ft wide.--Bocce balls can be made of metal or plastic.
Thanks to Wikipedia, I got more information on the sport of Bocce!



Hi Beatrice! Bocce is an Italian sport... It's like bowling. It says this in my article.Thanks for the question!

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