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An Amazing Store

While in London this past July, I went to a giant store called Harrods. Harrods is the most amazing store I have ever visited. It is truly gigantic! The store is over 5 acres and one million square feet.The food court had every food you could ever imagine; dim sum, pizza, sushi, pasta, lobster, whatever you craved, Harrods had it. In addition to the food court, there was a restaurant that served high tea complete with a breathtaking chandelier and live piano music.The actual store is every bit as amazing as the food court and restaurants. There are over 330 different departments. The building was filled with whatever you could imagine, clothes, makeup, boats, fossils, guitars, a pet land were they sold pets and pet accessories. Even the elevator was decked out in an Egyptian theme. It would be nearly impossible to list everything that Harrods sells. It was definitely my favorite place in London.


oops! I forgot to rate it! Sorry!

I am so jealous! you went to London, and the biggest store I have ever heard about!

Great story! I probably would go there... if I could actully go to London!

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