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For those who don't like math or science, that equation might not make much sense, but it's the simplest way it can be said. SITTING AROUND A LOT WITHOUT GETTING ACTIVE IS UNHEALTHY.
For example, watching TV. Many eyes are damaged from watching too much. But still, whether or not watchers of TV are active while watching, they need to turn of the television, lying on the couch causes people to become round. And staying active is considered healthy. Various things that many people do include the following:
(Take me out to the ball game...) Baseball is a mixture of hit, run, field, throw and that's about it. Fielding and throwing the ball for most people isn't so exciting, but every once in a while, there's someone who likes it more than offense. (...I don't care if I never get back...) And, at the end of the season, a team will usually have a party! (...Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack...)Don't expect for everyone to hit it every time!(...For there's 1... 2... 3 strikes you're out at the ol' ball game!)
Football is enjoyable because you can throw the ball, and it won't go perfectly as expected because of the odd shaped ball, as it is not spherical. The same happens when you kick the ball, except there isn't as much control over the ball. It's entertaining to tackle (for smaller kids you touch with two hands).
Basketball is great because there are three necessary things for both offense and defense, keeping it simple. For offense they are Run, Block, and Shoot. Running is to get to shooting range and away from the pesky defenders. Blocking is for keeping the ball on the current offense team. Shooting is an attempt to score. On defense, the 3 things are: Steal, Jump, and, again, run. Steal so that the defense team can be on offense again. Jumping is for blocking shots. Running is to keep up with the Ball-hogging offense, it can help often.
One more suggestion is swimming. Swimming keeps up arm strength. It also wakes you up if you do it in the morning.
Accomplishing things in sports isn't only healthy, it also feels good!