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Aqua Pets need some work

Aqua pets seem like a cute toy. They are little creatures that dance and make noise in a clear bubble of water. Supposedly, you can play games, feed it, and even talk to it. Even though they seem fun, they are not a very good value for the cost of around $8.00 each.I have an Aqua Pet and still can't quite figure it out to operate it. It's supposed to make noises to tell you if it's hungry, sad, happy, or tired. I found that all of the noises sound the same, so it's confusing.
In addition, there have been many complaints online about the toys. The most common complaint is that the water either evaporates completely or turns brown. You can't fill them up again, so then the toy is no longer useable. I have noticed the water level going down in mine, even though I have never really played with it and only have had it for a few months now. The other common complaint is that you have to buy two so they can have friends to interact with, or they really don't do anything.
I honestly don't think that Aqua Pets are a good gift. They are over priced and kids will be bored with them in a very short time. For that price, I suggest a book!


When I was little I had a DewDrops Aqua Pet. It's the same but it hangs from a pole in the pod and there is no water. All you do is turn it on and talk to it and it will talk back. I loved it but lost it eventually. I still feel like getting this version of it as well.

I agree they need work all my friends that have had them actually threw them away!

Great story. What do the sounds sound like ?^,^

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