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Ballerina Cookbook has some yummy recipes

"The Ballerina Cookbook" by Janna DeVore has some wonderful yummy recipes that you have to try. In this super tasty cookbook, there are thirty delicious sweet treats. Some of my favorite recipes that I made were The Little Swans' Sweet Bites which is a rich chocolatey dessert with pudding and brownies and Odette's Orange-Mango Smoothie.
If you like to bake, this is the cookbook for you. This cookbook is recommended for ages six and up, and it's great for older kids who don't need an adults help. For some of the recipes you might need to plan when you want to make it and go to the store to get the ingredients. In the cookbook it has the ingredients, recipe, and it shows a picture of what it looks like when it is finished.
Some of the names of the recipes are Tiny Tutus and Pointe shoe cookies. You don't have to like ballet to enjoy these recipes although, it is more fun if you are into ballet.
The cookbook is divided into four groups, Ballerina Basics, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Swan Lake. This book was published by Gibbs Smith. This cookbook is for all occasions.



I love the story but could you have explained what they taste like?

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