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Baseball Games for Dummies

The day was warm and sunny, and the sky was blue, without a cloud in the sky. It was the perfect day for a baseball game. I don't know a thing about baseball, yet I still enjoyed myself! A baseball game at Coors field isn't just a baseball game. There's a number of things to do before, during and after the game.
First of all, there was the food. Not only are there your traditional hot dogs and popcorn, there's also more unusual food, including Minestrone soup, frozen lemonade, and more! If you are on a gluten free diet,, there's a place that sells only gluten free food. Veggie dogs and veggie burgers are an option for vegetarians everywhere.
Don't just go for the food, however. The entertainment before the game is excellent. If you want to try your baseball skills, test yourself at Pro Batter, where a baseball is thrown out of a screen for you to hit. For you youngsters out there, there's Pro Batter Jr., which used a wiffle ball. For either game, you get 10 pitches for 5 tickets.
You can also watch the warm up! My dad was really excited, because he got an autograph from Vance Worley. Finally we sat down. 15 year old Ruby Dickson performed the National Anthem, then the game began.
The Rockies pitched first, and the first batter got 4 bad pitches, so he walked to first base. A couple more hits, and the bases are loaded. I was totally confused, but I had some inkling of what was going on by listening to the crowd. The Rockies weren't doing well. Vendors wandered through the crowd, and their nasal voices recommended that you buy their merchandise. My sister was elated to see that they were selling rainbow snow cones. It was the Phillies turn to pitch,and a bunt hit put Eric Young Jr. on base. The DJ played music to pump up the crowd, but he seemed indecisive about what to play. The game went on in the same fashion, and the final score was Phillies 4, Rockies 3.



Sorry! I meant 6-8. thanks for pointing that out!

Great story! It's very interesting.

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