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Can the Deaf Really Hear?

Imagine living in a world were there there was no sound, only light. Where you can see your dog barking, but can hear no barking. Where everything is completely silent. It seems far away for most of us, but to some its reality. Welcome to the world of the deaf. We use sign language to communicate, but we are no different then normal people. Some of us can even hear!!!! How is that possible for one to be deaf but still hear? Thanks to modern day technology, we can hear! This technology is called Cochlear Implants.
There are two major Cochlear Implant manufacturers in the United States, Cochlear Americas and Advanced Bionics. Cochlear Americas' North American headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado! The Vice President of Recipient Services from Cochlear Americas, Rene' Courtney, says that CI's help less then 10% of people in the US that could benefit from having one. They work by bypassing the damaged part of the inner ear and sends electronic signals directly to the hearing nerve and then onto the brain.
They bring hearing to those who are completely deaf or have a significant amount of hearing loss. They sell two kinds of implants, the Freedom and the newest one, the Nucleus 5. They also sell another product called the Baha.
Baha implants help restore hearing to those that have a different kind of hearing loss like not having any ear at all. They use bone conduction or the vibrating of the bones to get sound to the inner ear.
Thanks to the wonderful technology and awesome companies like Cochlear Americas, the deaf can hear. Millions of recipients all over the world, have so much more opportunity to be something important, to change the world. They are not limited because of their disability, they can be anything they could ever dream of being!



great story! i also think that it would be expensive.

This is great! I agree with Erin Moriarty, it would be great to know the cost, and other statistics. Also, you repeated the fact that it brings hearing to the deaf.. we could do without that statement. Awesome First story!!:-D

great first story but I would also agree with Mandy and Erin. I would add the cost in all. bUT any way great story ^,^ ;)

Nice first story! you reapeated the same things a few times but it was a great article.

wonderful article! Great but you repeat some things over again but it is a great, descreptive article

Great story, but like others, you repeated stuff sometimes. Also, are you deaf or were you talking about others?

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