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Colorado Rockies; If They Lose, It's Still Fun

On Wednesday, August 3, the Colorado Rockies played a baseball game against The Philadelphia Phillies. Sadly, they didn't win. But that doesn't mean that they didn't do a good job! It's always encouraging for me to know that most of the Rockies fans enjoy coming even if their team loses. You can still have a lot of fun! The final score was 6 to 8. Todd Helton even got a home run in the 8th inning!
It was also very hot, and in the middle of the day. I was surprised to find so many people there for the game. I found that there were a lot of different ways that people cool off in the sun. Some people got refreshments,like snow cones and drinks. Others brought bottled water from home or bought some, ice cold. Some people just stood in the shade!
The parking was very difficult. People were parking everywhere, and we ended up parking in the back of the official Coors Field lot behind the bridge. If only they had shaded spots, then the cars wouldn't be so hot when you came back.
On the way out of the stadium we found the very place where the Roots TV after-game show took place. They were doing the show, and we had to wait for them to finish before asking to interview one of them. "I think they'll finish about a 500," states Tom Helmer, a Roots spokesman. " It's been a tough season. They did a good job staying in there today with the best team in baseball." After another question, he added, "To win this next game, I think that the Rockies will have to have a really good starting pitcher." Even though the Rockies lost, it was a great game that I'll never forget.



I went to that game. It was really fun.

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