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Cookin’ Up Some Hot Camps

Are you looking for a great camp to experience over the summer? Why not try going to Kitchen on the Green? This amazing camp is held at Exposition Recreation Center in Aurora.
Kitchen on the Green is a camp that teaches people of all ages how to cook. There are five groups of classes, each for a different age group. The first group is Parent Tot Cooking, and it is for children ages 3-6 with a parent. The second group is Parent Child Cooking, and it is for children ages 6-12 with a parent. Group number three is Kids Cooking and is for children ages 6-12. Teen Cooking, group four, is a class for children ages 12-16. The final group is Adult Cooking, and it is for adults ages 15 and up. In addition to offering camps and classes, Kitchen on the Green also hosts birthday parties.
I attended Mexican Fiesta class which is taught by Charlotte Saenz. In addition to Mexican Fiesta, there are other cooking classes taught by other people, such as Noodlin' Around, Best Picnic Eats, American Pie and much more. I enjoyed going to the class because I felt like I was connecting with another culture. Also, I felt that I got to meet lots of new children who I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. In the 2½ hour class, we made flour tortillas, quesadillas, chile con queso, salsa, tacos and sopapillas. When we got to eat the food we made, it was really delicious. I had never tried a fresh tortilla (Mexican Bread) before, and it was much better than store bought tortillas. It felt really cool making my own food and knowing that I would get to eat it afterward. All of the recipes were easy to make and kid friendly. I even got a recipe book so I can replicate the yummy foods at home.
After the class, I interviewed the teacher, Charlotte Saenz, a kind lady who seems to smile a lot. At the age of 9, Charlotte started cooking with her mother. Now, she has been teaching cooking for 17 years, although only 10 years at the Exposition Recreation Center. She also teaches cake decorating and some teen and adult class at the recreation center. When asked what her favorite recipe to make was, she hesitated and then said that it was chili rellenos. Charlotte has also written a cook book with lots of cool recipes.
So, if your looking for a fun camp or an amazing class why not visit Kitchen on the Green?