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Cracker-the book that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

The book "Cracker" is about a German Shepard that fights in the Vietnam War. First, a man in a gray uniform takes Cracker away from her home and owner, Willy. They drive in a car for a long time until they reach the training grounds. There, she meets her new trainer, Rick.
Cracker acts up for Rick at first, but after some alone time and a couple wieners, they develop a close bond. They become best in class because Cracker can sniff out bombs and traps wonderfully. They are soon ready to go to the real war. They hop on an airplane and take off...
In this 311 page book Cynthia Kadohata crafts a wonderful tale from 3 points of view (Cracker's, Rick's, and Willy's) that will enthrall action and adventure buffs. The other books Kadohata has written include Newberry winner "Kira Kira", "Weedflower," "Outside Beauty," and "Floating World". She is a great author.
This book is worthy of all praises that mankind can give. It left me a feeling of freedom after I read it. I would recommend this book to 3rd grade children and up because it has some violence. You will devour this book!


I'm ready to devour this book! You didn't give the whole book away, nor did you brief the information too much that no one will get excited and want to read it. I'm really into dogs, and the Vietnam war (well, any war, historic events and people...) and adventure,so this book sounds perfect for my interests and I! (I almost forgot to mention how great your vocabulary was, it's a lot more interesting to read if you have enthralling vocab, and if you are ever a reporter, that might be handy for you!) Once again,great book, and I'm sorry this comment is so long, I kind of got carried away.

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