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Diamonds in the rough

Do you ever look at something as simple as your microwave and think, "Wow, I'm really lucky to have that?" Probably not, which is why the youth who contributed to the secondary exhibit for "The Other 90%" at Redline are so special.
The first part of the exhibit was what adults made to help people around the world who are less fortunate. The phrase "The Other 90%" is talking about the people who don't have the things to survive. Pieces were set up around the viewing area, and some stood out to me. The junk mail shelter, by Viviane Le Courtois was made of junk mail that had been saved for 3 years, and shaped into bricks to create a basic shelter. Others, such as the Tellurex World Pot, (cooks, cleans water, and charges a cell phone,) the temporary disaster shelter and insect net, and the solar dish kitchen were also very interesting, but the best part was in the next room.
These pieces were made by kids from Colorado who participated in a two month summer program in response to the original technology. Chrissy Deal, the Art Education Director tells us that the best part of her job is "hands down, working with young people." When asked what her favorite piece in the exhibit was, Chrissy replied, "Personally, I don't really have one, but one that's very personal was a poster by 2 young men about contaminated water, stating than women and children are walking 2 or 3 hours to water, and 2 or 3 back, and that was basically your existence."
I then asked her how the exhibit was started, and she told me that Redline is partners in the Youth Education Zone with other nonprofit organizations, and they wanted to do something about "the other 90%."Chrissy has been Art Education Director since the beginning of the year, and she's done a great job so far. The projects kids made included solar ovens made of everyday materials, posters about everything from water quality to energy, and a temporary shelter made of junk with a handmade quilt, and a rainwater catcher.



That's amazing! I was kind of confused though... some critical points were missing.

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