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Downtown Denver's Beautiful Public Art Displays

The Public Art in downtown Denver is very original... but rarely a passerby admires their beauty (although some are in disguise). If you look at these masterpieces carefully, the city will look absolutely magical with creativity. On July 8, 2011, the Denver Post invited some kids who were interested in becoming reporters to spend a day with them. About fifty kids showed up. In the afternoon they went on a public art walk and explored the area. Along the way, they met some public servicemen and street performers, which are a different type of public art. The first was a fireman named J. Quarkin. He described his heavy suit as, "like carrying three [10 year old] kids like you around everywhere you go." He also concluded that during most of the day it was very stuffy and hot inside.
The next man the group fell upon was Jentry McCombs, a 'busker' that made a living off playing the flute in the streets (a busker is a person who makes a living on the streets in Washington). Jentry spends everyday playing, and has learned the better parts of town, or the places that have the most people. But he says he enjoys it all the same. Another busker that the group met was Chuck Omofrao, this time playing the violin. He had played for 30 years, and was glad if the people cast him a smile. "Most people are busy, and they don't have time to stop, so anything is good of them." Chuck, being born in Colorado, also competes in tournaments. His favorite type of music to play is Irish or fiddle music. But he can't stay for too long in one spot for longer than two hours, or the police might be on his trail!
Painted pianos are an important part of the art on 16th Street, too. They are painted beautifully in bright colors and are open to the public to play. They are very original. The public art in downtown Denver is very special, and the best thing that we can do for it is admire it.