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East Rivalry Stays Intense

.Every game has been heated since the first game in which they played each other on April 26, 1901. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Socks have changed players, managers, and ownership roles but every match-up is well advertised and intense. Over 2,000 games played and each team has their share of wins and losses. The Yankees have got the best of the Red Sox in their three playoff series match-ups so that just makes the Red Sox want it more.
Since 1901 the controversy has been over whelming. When Roger Clemens plunked Manny Ramirez in the head and Manny pointed his finger and charged the mound. When Pedro Martinez attacked Don Zimmer in the middle of the field. All this has led up to controversy, entertainment, and joy to the human public.
The clubs have history of trading players to each other which has led to fan gratitude and on field intensity. Back in the late 1920, Red Sox' slugger and ace Babe Ruth was traded to New York where he would be later known as a legend and the Great Bambino. Modern day trades such as Johnny Damon going over to the Yankees in a 2005 off-season trade, have made unique differences in the clubs' histories. Damon later became one of the few players to win a world championship from both sides of the rivalry.
Two of the most storied franchises in baseball will keep battling and making history until the end of their existence. *The next match-up will be on August 5, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston. Statistical information and dates from www.wikipedia.com