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Eat Your Greens, Or You'll Be Sorry!

What's your favorite food? The answer from most kids is something like, "chocolate", "chicken tenders", "ice cream." I agree, those are really tasty treats. But they are not the best choices to choose. Scientists at CDC's (Centers for Disease and Control Prevention) recent tests show that the current generation of children's life spans are expected to be shorter than their parents. Why is that? There are many different reasons, but the main one is the things children consume and the amount of exercise they are getting.
Did you know that most people's only vegetable is ketchup? I know I sound like your mom, but vegetables were made for human beings. The first food that humans ate were plants. Meat came in afterward. They give you all the nutrients you need. If all we ate was vegetables, we'd be just like Popeye, the spinach eating sailor man! Veggie's are an acquired taste. That means that after a while, you begin to like them. What's not to like? They're crunchy, some salty, some sweet, and there are tons of salad dressings and tons of ways to make them taste delicious.
Same with fruit, we all love fruit. Strawberries, raspberries, all sorts of delicious berries. Exercise is super important, too. Every child should get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day. As you get older, it starts to become 30 minutes to an hour. It's not too hard! Swim in the pool, walk the dog, dance, play tag, there are plenty of ways to get exercise.
So, how do you make sure you eat well and exercise? And make it totally fun? Ask for a side of fruit instead of fries. Bike to your friends house, it's only 5 minutes away! Find ways to make veggies taste great, soup, ranch dressing, bakes, there are plenty of ways. Find recipes from websites and cook books that are easy to make, you're more likely to eat it if you made it! And this is a little trick that my sister taught me if I need to sneak in vegetables and don't like the taste. This may seem weird, but it works and it is not gross! Make a smoothie! Put in orange juice, a banana, berries, any fruit you want. Now, take two to three handfuls of spinach and put it in. Blend really, really well. You may notice little green bits, but you don't taste them! All you taste is the regular fruit smoothie! Such an easy way to get your veggies!
This is a website and book I recommend if you are interested in cooking some fruits and vegetables in to wonderful dishes full of protein and vitamins!www.spatulatta.comThe Spatulatta Cookbook by Olivia and Belle Gerasole



I love this story!

I always eat my veggies i am a vegetarian.

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