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Everybody FREEZE!

     Are you looking for some new games to buy for Christmas? Torx Turbo Freeze Tag or Hyper Games Freeze Ball are two games to consider buying. These games are very similar but they do have some differences.
     One big difference is their instructions. Freeze Balls instructions are more complicated and there are 3 ways to play. Freeze tag's instructions are 4 simple rules and there is only 1 way to play.
     Another difference is the price. Torx Turbo Freeze Tag is $9.99 at various local stores. Hyper Games Freeze Ball can be found online for $19.00.
     You're probably wondering how to play the games so I'll tell you. Both games have a foam ball and rubber bracelets that match the colors on the ball in each game. You have to divide the bracelets evenly among the players and if you have extra's that you can't divide, just leave them out. The youngest player throws the ball in the air and if you have the matching colored band that the ball is showing you grab the ball and yell "freeze!" Everyone else has to freeze and you have to throw the ball at someone. Remember that everyone else who is frozen can move their bodies as long as they don't move their feet. If you hit somebody in either game they have to give you one of their bands. If you miss in Freeze Ball, you have to give the person you were trying to hit one of your bands. If you miss in Freeze Tag nothing happens.
     If you are looking for something to keep your attention for weeks it's definitely Hyper Games Freeze Ball because it has three ways to play. If you are looking for something to keep you attention for days at a time it would be Torx Turbo Freeze Tag because it only has one way to play.
     However, I'm not interested in playing Freeze Tag again. I am eager to play Freeze Ball again. I think kids 6+ would like Hyper Games Freeze Ball and kids 8+ would like Torx Turbo Freeze Tag. I hope you enjoy playing these games!


Good story. The only thing that I would change is the fact that you say 'you would probably like to know...' and I think that you should just start of by saying 'this works this way...' Fantastic anyway!!!!!!

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