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Express Yourself In A New Way

The new Voice Rockrz Mic is a fun toy. It's great because you can use it to practice your voice, have fun at a slumber party or any kind of party, or just to be rockstars! The Rockerz Mic is suitable for the whole family especially for those who like singing.
For those who don't like to sing now can thanks to the Voice Rockrz Mic! The Voice Rockrz Mic includes two accessories for boys and girls that are both pink and blue.There's a ring and a bracelet that add a special affect to your voice. Like a robot voice,a high pitch voice,or an echo-tastic voice. So it doesn't matter if you can sing or not,you will still be able to make your dream become a reality with the new Voice Rockrz Mic.
I would recommend this toy for kids ages 6-9 because they have fun with it and older or younger kids wouldn't have as much fun. Also because kids through those ages can have a little toy that only the can have fun with and understand. It's great for singing and having fun but the price, not so much.
It costs$ 24.99 at many stores. On many people's opinions,they think that it's another trashy toy that comes up on television. Others think it's good for their kids to have a toy that helps them. I, agree with those who don't like it because they're right. Sure it has good things that come with it ,but it is just not worth it. For those who want it so bad should buy something other than this.


Andrea, this is a good story, but I'm confused... do you actually like or dislike the toy. I am wondering because in the first paragraph you say all these really great things about it, but in the third paragraph you start to say bad things and you tell us that you shouldn't buy it and that it is not worth that $24.99.

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