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Gear Not Suitable for Spies

Spy Gear Body Wire really is a great idea. The only problem is that it doesn't work very well. The Body Wire is supposed to be so discreet that no one will ever know you're recording them. But, in reality, the device lets out a loud, and extremely noticeable beep every time you press the record button. Therefore, the Body Wire is anything but secret.
Then, after all the trouble you go to to hide the noise, it only records up to 12 seconds. Not only this, but the recording is barely comprehensible over all the static that haunts the machine.
Also, the wire is jet black and, unless you are wearing a matching color, anyone will notice it. This is yet another reason that this toy is incredibly noticeable, especially for something that's supposed to be secret. Not to mention the microphone, which is not especially small.
The retail price for the Body Wire, which is recommended for ages six and up, is $14.00. This is not only expensive for such a small toy, but an outrageous price for one that works so poorly.
Toys that require a bit of imagination are wonderful, but this needs so much that you may as well just pretend you have a voice recorder and save yourself fourteen dollars.
This "high tech recording device" isn't that high tech. And the person being recorded would probably guess that they're being recorded by the loud, obnoxious beep that tells them something "fishy" is going on. It records for a shamefully short amount of time, and is barely audible due to the static that is louder than any other sound (unless you're recording yourself; then it works beautifully). And most people will notice the large, black wire hanging across your shirt.
In a nutshell, this toy has very poor quality and it is a waste of money, therefore, I would not recommend it.