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Golf Course Floods

On July 14th, 2011, the Wellshire Golf Course and the backyard of the three houses to the direct west flooded because of a horrible storm. It started out with relentless hail and 60mph winds that would not quit until the blistering hour of rain, lightning and hail ended. One house was under construction and the three men on sight had to take cover in a crammed, damp corner to stay out of the wind.
Andy Monette, one of the men at the house, saw a rabbit drowning in the pool of water and saved it. The baby rabbit was very frightened. Andy had no other choice but to use his hands to save the rabbit. While most people would turn away and let it die, Andy picked it up and warmed it in the pocket of his jacket which was very kind of him. The rabbit survived it's swim, luckily. Andy and the other two men on sight, David Riske, and Spike Linebaugh, kept the rabbit throughout the storm while the water splashed down into a ditch at the golf course and flowed into my neighbor's backyard.
After the storm, Andy kept the rabbit for three days and fed it milk from a needleless syringe, carrots and lettuce. After that, he let it go on its own again. He saw it a few days later looking dry and delighted.
Spike and Andy saw the whole storm. According to Andy, the lightening was only 1.5 seconds before the thunder, a little shorter than 2/5ths of a mile away. Considering how wide the base of a lightning bolt can get (5 miles wide), that is incredibly close. In a nearby yard, water poured from the sky onto the grass, out their drain and into the street. The water draining from the yard of the family was around 2 feet wide on the street. It rushed hurriedly down the slope of the street until it met a storm sewer. The ground was soaking wet from the water flow. The storm was long and potentially dangerous, but thankfully no one got hurt.



Wow that sounds so scary! That poor baby rabbit just makes me want to cry!

Very interesting and sad

That's a very good story.. Poor baby rabbit!

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