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Good Gluten-Free Pizza, Good Views at Udi's

Attention gluten-free foodies! Since we have a gluten-free diet, my family and I were on the hunt for good gluten-free pizza in Denver, and we found it at Udi's Pizza Cafe Bar.
A gluten-free diet is a diet with no wheat. Sometimes there could be no wheat in the ingredients but other ingredients could be contaminated. Food has to be specially prepared. Gluten-free is mostly linked to celiac's disease. However, people with gluten sensitivity also avoid wheat.
According the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on their National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse website, over 2 million people in the United States have celiac's disease. A lot of people buy gluten-free food for health and because people like the taste of it. There are a lot of restaurants in Denver that offer gluten-free food.
We decided to try Udi's Pizza Cafe Bar in the Olde Town section of Arvada. It is a cozy cafe. They specialize in breakfast and lunches, and have a lot of gluten-free options. I was interested in the artisan gluten-free pizzas.
Udi's is different from other pizza restaurants because they make their own dough and bake their pizzas fresh in a wood-fired oven. The pizzas look different. There wasn't cheese all over. There were dollops of cheese. There was more tomato sauce. There were more veggies. The ingredients were cut big. The ingredients tasted fresh.
When it was time to order I ordered a build your own gluten-free pizza with red sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese,and mushrooms. You can order a specialty pizza with the ingredients already picked. My mom ordered a Porcetta pizza. It had pork sausage, parmesan cheese, sage, garlic, red onion and a white sauce. My sister order a build your own pizza. She had red sauce, no cheese, red onion, mushrooms, and pepperoni. All pizzas tasted fresh and the crust was light, thin, and crunchy. I liked mine the best. It wasn't too complicated with the flavors.
Udi's offered more than just pizza. My other sister ordered a panini sandwich and a greek salad. My dad ordered a hamburger. My grandmother ordered a breakfast burrito. Her burrito wasn't gluten-free, but it was really spicy. She liked it. Everyone thought their food was delicious.
The service was very good other than you had to wait a little bit longer than most restaurants to receive our food. We did not feel rushed to leave. I felt like we could stay there and have a nice time. Our seats were next to a big window. We watched people riding funny bikes and little kids in swim suits going to a public fountain. The atmosphere matched the food. Both were good.