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Great. It's the First Day of School... FOREVER!!!

If you're interested in getting into an action packed book about the first day at a new school, then you might want to set aside the book you're reading and pickup this one instead! The book "It's the First Day of School... FOREVER,"  is a comical novel that contains lots of fun excitement.
The main character is a typical boy named Artie who is starting his sixth grade year at a new school. His day starts out with his little brother squeezing syrup into his hair. Then on his way to school, a truck splashes him so it looked like he peed his pants. He puts up with several of these horrible events. Artie even ends up falling out the top window of the school! But when he gets into a fight with the Brick (a big, tough, football player that 'rules' the school), it's the last straw. Blackout. Artie wakes up in his bed. Was it a dream? But this day is exactly like the last. This is totally crazy! But it's not long before it's another blackout. Artie wakes up in his bed. Again. Will this ever end? Will Artie ever lead a regular life again?
This hilarious tale is very fun and exciting for everyone who reads it. It also has a big surprise ending that reveals the secret to the mystery! If you enjoy these types of books about zombies, giant scorpions, and angry principals, then this interesting book is for you!