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Harvest at the Homestead

You want to know what it's like to live a day in 1887? Well come on over to Plains Conservation Center, "an outdoor education center," located at 21901 E. Hampden Avenue in Aurora. There is so much to do. There is a schoolhouse where you can learn what a school would be like for children in 1887. They have a sod house with real antiques from around that time frame including a stove, bed, table, chairs and more. There is also a blacksmith's workshop, a chicken coop with real chickens roaming around, a small garden full of pumpkins and more. Several other animals you might see are cattle, sheep, chickens, prairie dogs, eagles and hawks.
While you are there you can also enjoy being a Cheyenne Indian in 1830. In that section they have four tipis. Inside one of the tipis there are lots of artifacts like they would have used. They have a drum made out of buffalo skin, a buffalo hide, a sled made out of buffalo ribs and a pot made out of a buffalo's stomach. This shows how they used all of the buffalo. You get to experience making a tipi with your friends and playing a traditional game to improve your hunting skills.
On Saturday, September 25, from 10am- 4pm the Plains Conservation Center is having Harvest at the Homestead. During this event you can go and participate in applesauce making, apple cider pressing and drinking and wagon rides. There will also be live music and a zuke shoot using a giant slingshot. Try your luck at winning an apple pie contest and bring your own or just try other people's pies.
You and the whole family will have a blast. It is just ten dollars a carload so bring all your friends and fill up the car. If you bring an apple pie it is just five dollars to get in. For more information go to www.plainsconservationcenter.org.