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Helping the Helpless

"The Mangrove Tree" by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore is a story about helping people that need all the help they can get. Dr. Gordon Sato planted mangrove trees by the Red Sea, near the village of Hargigo, and changed their lives forever. The mangrove trees had helped them in many ways, that eventually lead to the village surviving one of their most horrible times.
In the little village of Hargigo, in the country of Eritrea, the people were helpless, and they were starving. They needed to find a way to survive. Then along came Dr. Gordon Sato, who helped them recover. His plan was unique, it was spontaneous, but it was very important. The plan was to make a forest of mangrove trees, to help the village with certain problems. The forest of trees helped, but there was much more to it. In the end, everyone in the village was satisfied.
Dr. Gordon Sato had a hard time growing up. He lived in a concentration camp when he was a teenager. It was not fun being there during World War II. He grew up and helped support his family. Hargigo was not his only project. He is now working on planting mangrove trees in other countries that are helpless, like Eritrea. Eritrea was a wonderful idea, because they were war torn from trying to gain their independence from Ethiopia.
Dr. Gordon Sato's plan to plant mangrove trees was brilliant, and successful. It helped so many people live. It also helped many creatures live, and it increased the population. Dr. Gordon Sato will always be remembered in the hearts of the people of Hargigo, and his story will be passed on forever.


Great story but I would probably add more detail and a picture of the book ^,^

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