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How to Make a First Impression

Have you ever moved or gone to a new school? There are easy ways to fit in.
First, don't be nervous. You'll be fine, nerves will stop you from trying to find a friend.
Second, do something you love. If you have a passion, find a club for that passion. From then on, it will be easier because you will meet people that love the same thing.
Third, if you are going to a new school, don't be scared of the teachers or students. The teachers are helpful and aren't that scary, and the students are very nice, remember, they are nervous too. Last of all, be yourself. Nobody wants to be friends with someone who has a fake personality to get more friends.
If you follow these tips, you will be happy, and others will too.


Great advice! I definitely agree that's what you should do if you have to go to a new school.

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