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Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Read All About It!

Whenever I am hungry for an icy, cold treat, I like to go to the Dairy Queen in my neighborhood. It is located on the corner of the 16th Street Mall and Champa Street in Champa Square. They sell everything from classic soft serve vanilla ice cream to Blizzards with cookie dough and Oreo crumbles mixed in.
One of my favorite treats is a plain soft serve dish of chocolate ice cream dipped in chocolate hardening sauce. You can also get cherry or vanilla hardening sauce. The restaurant also sells shakes and malts, which taste incredible. Every Blizzard in the store is delectable, but my favorites are cookie dough everything!! Finally, they sell lunch items such as chili cheese dogs. If ice cream doesn't sound appealing, then they also sell Orange Julius products and smoothies which I'm sure are just as good as the ice cream!!
The Dairy Queen downtown cannot be seen from the normal street level because it is in the basement of a bigger building called Champa Square. A little searching for the store may be necessary, but looking will have come in handy. What I like about the Dairy Queen downtown is that it is locally owned, unlike many other restaurants downtown. All of their staff members are really kind and I think that definitely helps. I love the Dairy Queen downtown and since they have only been open for the past two years I hope they will be be open for another twenty five years, so that one day I can take my kids there for a treat. So the next time that you are wandering around downtown Denver, make sure that you stop by Dairy Queen and pick up a treat!



it sounds delicious

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