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Is Facebook Dangerous?

Over four hundred people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends and learn more about the people that they meet online, but can this friendly website do damages to your personal life?Many news casts have confirmed the following... your information is being shared with third parties, this means that once you put your information on Facebook and use apps the apps give your information to other people.
Privacy settings revert to a less safe default mode after each redesign, this means that every time the site gets redesigned Facebook wants more of your information to make your account "safer". Facebook ads may contain malware. Malware is a computer program designed specifically to damage or disrupts a system, such as a virus.
Your real friends unknowingly make you vulnerable. Vulnerable means capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt. Scammers are creating fake profiles, so if you really don't know John Smith he could be trying to get all of your information and you should delete him right away. I interviewed my family on this subject and was surprised at some of the answers that I got.
Q: Do you think that Facebook is a secure platform to communicate with friends?
A: Todd- No because anybody can hack into anything if they want to. I have talked to people who can do it. Kimberly- No, because people hack in and get your personal information and steal things from you. Tiffany- No, because after you log off somebody else can log on and hack your account and see what you're up to.
Q: Do you think people really have privacy on Facebook?
A: Todd- It's possible that a conversation between two people over chat is private. Kimberly- No, people try to steal stuff, people are not good. Tiffany- No, because somebody could look you up and find your information.
Q: Do you think that Facebook's "best interest" is to get as much information about you as they can?
A: Todd- No. Kimberly- Yes, they do ask a lot of questions that they don't need to know information on. Tiffany- No.
Q: Do you often have security problems on Facebook after they redesign the site?
A: Todd- I have never noticed it. Kimberly-Yes, they do it to improve Facebook but it just improves the way someone can steal your stuff. Tiffany- No.
Q: Do you think that the ads on the right side of the site are dangerous?
A: Todd- No, because I don't pay attention to them. They are just there in that space because they pay Facebook and that's how Facebook makes money. Kimberly- Yes, because if you accidently click on it then you have some other screen come up and then it's on your computer. Tiffany- No, because as long as you don't click on it, the ad wont download.
Q: Do you think that a big network with a lot of friends is dangerous?
A: Todd- Yes, because you might post something that wasn't meant for somebody to see and it can cause friction between two people. Kimberly- Yes, because not everybody out there is trying to find their friends. People are out there to try and steal stuff. Tiffany- It can be, because if someone that's bad has an account it can be dangerous.
Q: Do you regret having a Facebook account?
A: Todd- No, because I enjoy keeping up with my friends and playing games. Kimberly- No, because I don't put any information that people can steal. And I only communicate with my friends and family. Tiffany- No. You can always delete it.
Facebook can be dangerous if you choose it to be. If you put out all of your information this can lead to terrible things! But, you can prevent the dangers by not putting your address or any of your phone numbers online.