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Ivy Decides Between Family or Gymnastics

Anna Brandner writes, In Good Luck Ivy...In Good Luck Ivy, an American Girl book, Ivy must choose between her family reunion at The Happy Panda, her grandparents' restaurant or her all-city gymnastics tournament. Ivy knows how important her family reunion is to her grandparents but she also knows that her team is counting on her.
Ivy is friends with a girl named Julie and Julie helps Ivy in the book. Ivy's family is Chinese American, and she was born in America and lives in Chinatown. Ivy is 10 years old. The story takes place in 1976.
This book was published by American Girl Publishing, Inc. It was written by Lisa Yee and illustrated by Robert Hunt. American Girl has book series based on all their dolls including Ivy.
I loved this book and I think that anyone that likes American Girl books or likes to learn about different cultures would like this book. Anyone can read this book even if you've never read an American Girl book before.