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Leadership 101

What do you think of when you hear the word "leadership"? Do you think of someone standing on a podium, talking to people, while they listen? I recently learned that leadership is much more than that. During four weeks this past September, I was able to take a class at my school called "Leadership 101" taught by my principal, Dan Streeter.
It really gave me a new view on what leadership is. Leadership is not about talking to people while they listen; it is about listening to other people and learning about their passions. Then, possibly, you can help them fulfill their passion. What I first learned in this class was how to meet people. Did you know that you only have seven seconds to make a great first impression? There are a few ways to do this: a good, firm handshake, eye contact, and, when you are both finished saying your names, repeat their name back to them, which will help you to memorize it.
Next, you need to start a good conversation; this way, you can learn their passions. "There is nothing people love more than to talk about themselves," Mr. Streeter says. After you find out what their passions are, you can use a system called ICE-- information, contacts, and experience-- to help them. For example, I love writing, so Mr. Streeter set up a meeting between me and an author.
I am really happy that I took this class because it taught me so much about leadership that I did not already know. I think that this is a very important thing to learn while you are still young so that you may become a great leader later in your life.