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Calling all young writers! Calling all young writers! The 2010 Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) Young Writers Program is starting on November 1st. Anyone under the age of 17 can try to write a novel in just one month! You have to stop writing your novel at midnight on November 30th.
First, you make a goal of how many words you think that you can write in 30 days. Make your word goal challenging but not impossible. Next you make an account on www.nanowrimo.org (make sure you register on the Young Writers Program section) and put your word goal. If you have no idea how many words to put as your goal, they have a chart giving you suggestions on the right amount of words for your grade. After you have your word goal and an account you can talk to other young writers about writing strategies and pieces you have already written. There is a forum where you can find a writing buddy who shares the same interests as you and you can bounce ideas off of each other, show each other what you already have of your story and ask them how they like it. They will hopefully do the same with you.
If you reach your word goal then you win! No, you don't win a prize or a solid gold trophy but you get your name on the list of winners, a certificate and a web icon. You also get a free paperback proof copy of your novel offered by CreateSpace."The single best thing you can do to improve your writing is to write," said Chris Baty, the founder of Nanowrimo, in his book No plot? No problem! The idea of writing your novel in just one month is that it gets the creative part of you going. The point is also not to edit or worry about spelling, it is just to write, write, write...
If you get stuck just go to their website and they have something called the Dare Machine. What it does is give you something crazy and random to do with your story and it will take your story in way different directions than you thought when you started. For instance, one of the dares was "We dare you in your next chapter to make brushing your teeth a life or death matter." There is even more crazy stuff the Dare Machine gives you! There is so much more stuff to do on the site. During November they will have well-known tween and teen authors writing words of encouragement.
In 2009 there were 35,000 young writers participating in Nanowrimo. This is an opportunity to see what all you can write in 30 days and will help your imagination come out in what you write.


I participate in Nanowrimo! Its awesome! Great story!

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