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New Dickey's BBQ Pit is a Fan Favorite!

Dickey's BBQ Pit in Highlands Ranch opened in January with over 100 people on their grand opening day! They have many offers including FREE Kids Meal on Sundays, FREE Ice Cream with every Dine-In meal purchase! I think that there are many values to Dickey's, and everyone I know has eaten there once!
The free Ice Cream has many advantages. First, If the word gets out, more people will eat there. Also, if kids do not like BBQ, if their parents tell them about the Ice Cream, they will definitely want to go to Dickey's! Finally, the Ice Cream is SUPER SUPER good! So I know that everyone will LOVE it!
The free kids meals on Sunday's have many advantages too! If your parents don't want to spend a lot, they can get a FREE kids meal for each of their children. But one disadvantage is that you have to purchase one adult meal to get the kid's one free. Finally, FREE kids meals promoted family's to pass the word along to other friends. It will probably make Dickey's business sky rocket!
I think that putting Dickey's BBQ Pit in this ideal location, will attract people from all over Colorado!


Thank You for the response! I appreciate it!

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