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Nutcracker You'll go Nuts For the Nutcracker

The 'Nutcracker' is a lively story about a 12-year-old girl named Clara who lives in the late 1800's and receives a nutcracker doll for Christmas. Along the way, Clara and the Nutcracker meet many wonderful people, and have a treat of magic, life, and love.
So, now just over 100 years later, come celebrate the renowned delight by seeing the 'Nutcracker' with music from Tchaikovsky's original production. Colorado Ballet is hosting their 51st year of the 'Nutcracker' this holiday season, and they wish that you would come and see what the delight of the holiday season is about. This ballet is remarkable from the props, to the music, and dancing. Plus, with all of the new and young dancers, the ballet's potential keeps growing.
This year, I auditioned to be in the 'Nutcracker', and I got accepted so finally, I am. I have 3 of the 4 possible parts for The Academy of Colorado Ballet students: I am a party girl, an angel, and a Polichinelle, which is a clown. The other part is to be a soldier in the rat scene, and I am not currently in that scene because I am not tall enough.
Performing is a remarkable experience, although, I didn't like rehearsing. Because I have 3 parts, leading up to the 1st performance, I had to rehearse for 5 hours every single Saturday from the last week in September until the week before Thanksgiving. Talk about hard work!
The first scene is the party scene where Clara receives the Nutcracker, and everybody has a good time. Then, there is the rat scene when the soldiers are performing. In the second act, there are dances like the Arabian dance, and the Chinese dance. But, my favorite part of all is Mother Ginger; an 8-foot-tall woman who goofs around in the Polichinelle dance
.I recommend going to see the 'Nutcracker', and I think that people of all ages will enjoy this classic. The production is running through Dec. 24th, and you can go online to coloradoballet.org for tickets and more information.