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Old Time Summers

Over the summer, when my grandma was a kid, she did lots of things for fun. She and her sisters played with their paper dolls outside a lot. Her neighbors would come over and they would all play Hide-n-Seek and Red Rover together. Red Rover is played with two teams, and every one on each team holds hands. One team says, "Red rover, red rover, send (someone on the opposite team) over." The person who gets called over try's to break through the team's grasped hands. If the person succeeds, he gets to take one of the two people he broke hands with to his team. If he can't break it, he stays with the other team.
My grandma and her sisters also played "house" in the big field behind their house. They would build forts and take berries off of weeds. They would pretend that the forts were their houses and the berries were their food.At night, they would catch "Lightning bugs" in jars and loved watching their lights blink on and off. Outside, my grandma had a tiny building that they used as a playhouse. They would use paper dolls as their kids, would pretend that they cooked food in it, and pretended they were a family. As they got older, it became their "Zelie Girls Club" (because they lived in Zelienople, PA).
She would also play hopscotch, croquet and volleyball. Croquet is a game kind of like golf; you use a mallet and try to hit a ball through hoops in the grass.
There was a pool about 20 miles from my grandma's house. Her parents would take her there only about twice a summer. A city pool opened when she was 15, but she didn't take swimming lessons until she was in college! I tried these games out, and they are all a lot of fun, even though they were played a long time ago! My most favorite game that my grandma played is Red Rover - I give this game four out of five arms.



Cute Picture Hannah!  

Awesome! My grandma did something smialer to Red Rover(I can't remember what it was though..)

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