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Outdoor Ed -- THE BEST!

I don't know about your school, but my school has a very important ODE (Outdoor Ed) program. In fifth grade, you visit Arches National Park. In sixth grade, you go on a three day hut trip in Vail. Seventh grade, a five day raft trip on the Colorado River.
And, in eighth grade, for one week, you do something like a "Survival of The Fittest" program. Trust falls, solos, flying over cliffs, vigorous hikes, the biggest ODE event of all. From fifteen to twenty feet in the air, you do a fall backwards in to a group of your classmates, the true trust test. Another night, for twenty four hours, it's you, a water bottle, journal, tarp, and nylon rope. You create your shelter, while your math teacher puts you in the middle of no where with no food. Don't worry, you feast before. The Superman, is where you're flown over a cliff on a harness and super slow, too. Talk about an adrenaline rush!
No one has ever gotten hurt on any of these trips, and if you ask why the school district has these programs, many people say it's for the kids to get experience in the outdoors and is a whole different learning environment.