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Pranking may seem fun even more when stars do !

Mitchell Musso who plays as Brady in "Pairs of Kings," Selena Gomez who plays as Alex Russo in "Wizards of Waverly Place" and Debby Ryan who plays as Bailey Picket in "The Suite LIfe on Deck" are all pulling pranks on an all new show "Prankstars."
As huge fans have to dance and sing on TV, have to be in a fashion show, cut their food,pay the bill and even fire their heroes Mitchell Musso is telling the other famous stars what to do and how.
Although their families first have to say why they are their biggest fans like maybe they cut their faces on to pictures. If you're a little prankster than this is your show, watch all the pranks and do it to your friends.
Even if you don't like to pull pranks you can use this as a little fun time.
This is also a great way to see your favorite celebrities pulling a prank on their biggest fans. The ones that are getting pranked on have their families watching them get pranked behind the scenes laughing.
If you like the comedy show "Good Luck Charlie" then you will have another favorite show.
I would have to say it isn't as funny but there were sometimes that I would start crying of all the laughter on the show. I would have to say it's for ages 6&up since my family members all laughed. So you should see the rest of the shows coming up but perhaps there won't be pulling pranks with Selena in the future.