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Public Art In Denver

Have you heard about Denver's public art? When you come to Denver, there are beautiful works of public art to see. Let's see what locals and visitors think of the beautiful art.A most interesting piece of public art is a giant red chair with a horse on top. The giant sculpture is made of fiberglass and steel.This amazing piece is called The Yearling. Another piece we saw was a fountain called the Pioneer Fountain. It is a fountain with bronze sculptures, built in 1911.One of my favorites is called Big Sweep. It is a huge broom sweeping trash. I was lucky enough to talk to a tourist about it. Myra Cegil of Albuquerque says,"It made me laugh and I like public art that makes me laugh."My second favorite piece of art was one called On the War Trail. It is a bronze statue of a man on horse back dedicated to all the wars and battles. It is very elaborate and detailed. So the next time you're in Denver, you better check out all the art. Before you search every where, check out some of the sculptures and art work online, so you know which one is your favorite.Authors- Chloe M. and Kaylin Z.