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RMTK: Acting, Singing, and Beyond

Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids is a theater camp for kids who age from 8-15 years old. This camp is different from all other acting camps because they don't do everything. Usually, there camps are four weeks long and their off-book deadline is on the Friday of the second week. During the first week of camp the campers learn most of the materials they need to make the show go on. During the second week the campers start blocking or learning what to do in each scene of the show. The third is busy. The campers finish blocking and you do a lot of rehearsals. Then the fourth week is a blast. The campers go through tech rehearsal almost every day before the show.
This year they are doing GleeFul and Alice in Wonderful. To by tickets visit ahec.interticket.com. The camps take place in Denver and Boulder. The Boulder one takes place at The Magic Playhouse, and the Denver one for the first three weeks, takes place at St. Mary's Anglican Church which is near DU and the last week takes place and The King Center on the Auraria Campus.
During the school year they provide repertory. There are three types of "reps", Munchkins, Junior, and Senior. The repertories usually take place in Boulder and Denver. The Junior and Senior "reps" do a large spring musical together. The actors have to audition and the staff pick 18-22 kids for the groups. For more information contact the main office at info@theaterforkids.com. Otherwise let the show begin.


I'll check it out....

That sounds really cool!!

Very well written! I wish I could be in that theater camp. I really love acting, as well as reporting!P.S. I Like that logo!

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