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Reading that "Cliques"

Many of you have heard about the book series, The Clique. This book series is about a group of rich, mean girls who are insanely popular at their school, Octavian Country Day. Massie, Kristen, Alicia and Dylan all have perfect lives and wardrobes full of designer clothes. But when Claire, "the new girl", moves into Massie's guesthouse, Massie's perfect life gets turned upside down. Claire has nothing in common with Massie, Kristen, Alicia and Dylan. When Claire moves from Orlando to Westchester, she expects to be best friends with Massie, but their friendship comes nowhere close.
Most of the books are about Massie and Claire's friendship or their difficulties. There are 13 books with the last book arriving February 2011. Also in the series, there is a summer collection, Cliquetionary, and the prequel, Charmed and Dangerous.
If you enjoy the books I would highly recommend the official Clique website, www.jointheclique.com. On the website, there are quizzes and so much more. Preview the Cliquetionary and read the first chapter of the prequel or any other Clique book. Always wondered what Clique girl you are most like? Take the "What's your Alpha Style?" quiz. You can even find your alpha destiny in the "What's Your Glambition" quiz. I recommend this series for middle school girls who enjoy reading about real-life situations of pre-teens.