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Running You're Own Towne??????

Have you ever wanted to be a Mayor or a Judge? I know I have and I got to at Young Ameritowne. I took a week long camp there called Girls Can. This camp teaches girls how to handle money and believe that girls can do anything boys can. Everyday we would have a new genre, like on Thursday it was Basically Business. Plus everyday we would get to meet really cool women like ones who owned a cupcake shop, vice president of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and a famous author. But my favorite part was on Friday, that's whenthe studentsgot to actuallyrun Young Ameritowne. You can buy lots of things such as bracelets, bouncy balls, and piggybanks. Young Ameritowne really feels like you are a part of a REAL business.I would recommend this for kids ages 6 and up.