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Sandburg Elementary Turns Trash into Treasure

In the famous story Rumpelstiltskin, the king's daughter spun straw into gold. Today, the TerraCycle company helps schools turn trash into treasure! TerraCycle was founded in 2006, and their goal is to divert trash from landfills, and turn it into new products. They also donate money to schools who participate. In Littleton Public Schools, Carl Sandburg Elementary turns trash into treasure every day. Principal Marj McDonald is doing wonders to save the earth and raise money for the school. "We are going to buy awesome new playground equipment to give our students more options for staying active and healthy," she explained.
Since spring of 2008, Sandburg has been collecting items that include juice pouches, candy wrappers, oral care items, yogurt cups, chip bags, energy bar wrappers, and much more! TerraCycle donates $.02 for each item received. "Our big TerraCycle goal is to raise $20,000 for new playground equipment. Due to great efforts by students, parents, and staff last year, we are over halfway there. My hope is that we can reach the $20,000 mark by May 2012." Mrs. McDonald couldn't do it all without the help of Student Council, the before/after school program, and parent volunteers. Student Council member Jessica said, "I would recommend TerraCycling to other kids because it helps the environment." Every week, Student Council goes to classrooms throughout the school to talk about how important TerraCycling is, and what items can and cannot be shipped to the company. Also, they help sort waste and collect it from all over the school."It has been an amazing experience for everyone at Sandburg. Recycling with TerraCycle not only gives us an opportunity to divert huge amounts of trash from our landfills, but it brings back valuable dollars for the learning work at our school. It gives kids a way to make a difference in our community, and boy, have they!" Mrs. McDonald proclaims.
You can contribute to Sandburg's TerraCycling program by calling 303-347-4675, or contacting Mrs. McDonald at mmcdonald@lps.k12.co.us. You can also help start a program at your school by going to www.terracycle.net/brigades. Happy TerraCycling!