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Skating Not Sweet as Sugar

If you were given the choice between living your dream, and having a normal, relaxed home life, what would you pick? This is the predicament of Claire Boucher, 12 year old "Maple Princess" in "Sugar and Ice," by Kate Messner.
Claire has always loved skating. She skates on her "cow pond" at home, she takes lessons, and she's even a junior coach. Claire is performing her Maple Princess solo for the annual festival. The last thing she expects is for Andrei Groshev, skater extraordinaire, to approach her offering a full scholarship to skate at Lake Placid, where many skaters have trained. Claire has trouble deciding, but her friends and family talk her into going.
Claire finds herself in a world where the Ice Queens reign, and competition is tougher than she's ever seen. Claire is treading on thin ice with Alexis, resident mean girl, and her coach is completely fed up with her. Not to mention the fact that she has no time to do homework, play with her brothers, or hang out with her best friend, Natalie. Despite all of this, Claire's biggest fear is the competitions. Claire has always been terrified of skating in a competition "where the judges have clipboards." Will Claire survive the tough world of competitive skate? Read "Sugar and Ice," by Kate Messner, to find out.
I thoroughly enjoyed "Sugar and Ice". Kate Messner's unique style of writing makes you feel as if you are looking through Claire's eyes. Kids who enjoyed Messner's other book, "The Brilliant fall of Gianna Z." will love this book. I would recommend "Sugar and Ice" for girls 9 to 12.


Cool. That seams like a great book to read

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