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Summer And Camp Are Finally Mixing

Have you ever desired that you could get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, because you are just disgusted with all of the drama, pollution, and stress? Well then Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je is the only summer camp for you. Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je is a high quality domain that allows people of any age to create new friendships, express themselves, and become closer to God for one whole week. No matter what, Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je is a life time experience that will stay with you forever. This camp is located in the spacious; nature filled Bailey, Colorado in a quaint, faithful neighborhood. It is plentiful with trees, plants, and a lot of frisky wildlife that you can interact with. Bailey also has fresh mountain air that can almost never be poisoned with pollution.
There are also six age groups that allow you to sleep in cabins, tepees, or buildings-depending how old you are. The age groups are: PIONEER CAMP: Grades 1-3, MOUNTAIN Village: Grades 2-4, TEPEE CAMP: Grades 4-6, ASPEN VIEW: Grades 6-8, HIGH SCHOOL: Grades 9-12, NARROW WAY EXPEDITIONS: Grades 7-12.
But no matter what age group you are in, you are guaranteed to have a blast! It is also a Christian camp. Now don't get your panties in a wad because I just said the word Christian. It's not that big of a deal because Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je is nondenominational, which means any type of Christian can come. And even if you aren't Christian, they won't shove the religion down your throat like some people do. The missionaries there take it slow and give you the whole week to decide! It also fills your day with a blast of fun activities. These activities include carnivals, water fights, trail rides, swimming, high ropes, white water rafting, night climbing, and much more! It also has worship, singing, and praying time every single day so you can get time to study the bible and really connect with God.
Sydney Graige said she was obsessed with the arts and crafts. "They were the thing that got me pumped up every morning!" Also, Hannah Adams described how much she enjoyed the active activities. "Rock climbing was my favorite! It required to be active to reach the top and that just got me motivated!"Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je has so much to offer, you wouldn't believe you could fit it all in. It entertains you all week so you are never bored. But cherish every moment and every friendship. Either way, Camp Id- Ra-Ha-Je is an adventurous area where you can have an extraordinary week!