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TRUE Meaning of Courage

Sunday,September 19,2011 a special guest goes to the Queen of Peace, a local church and comes with his wonderful band.
That brave man named Tony Melendez is middle aged and has no arms. The way he played the guitar was awkward, but truly amazing. He played it with his feet. He gathered all the people in the church even if they were American, Mexican or anything else.
He said "Don't say you can't because look at me, I have no arms and I'm playing the guitar!" The rest of his band was a man whose name was not mentioned, but had incredible talent with drums and complicated beats. Tony's last family member was embarrassed with him when they were younger.
The other scholars at school would do what everyone did, stared. So, he gave Tony a chance to try and so when they played frisbree, Tony would catch it with his shoulder and threw it back the same way.
Later, Tony had fallen in love with music and has now traveled to every church in the U.S.A. He now has a wonderful family and spends his days writing songs and playing the guitar. He also spends time telling people that they should not give up. I my self have been to his concerts and think of him as a hero to many including myself.