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The Edwards Foundation

The Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals is a no-kill large animal sanctuary located in Parker, CO. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, the founders of The Edwards Foundation, had foster kids and an animal rescue service. They thought of it to be to much to handle both so they gave up the foster care and kept the animal rescue. That's how they got started in their business.
The Edwards Foundation will take large animals such as horses, cows, llamas, burros, zebus, and, goats. They can also take smaller things like ducks, chickens, roosters, miniature horses, and turkeys. If you would like to help out there are three main ways, money, time, and supplies.
The first way is by donating money so that Mr. and Mrs. Edwards can pay the veterinarian bills. They can also use the donations to buy food for the animals that they take care of. If you would like, you could help or sponsor one of the animals that is needy. One of the their names is Dealer, a horse, he was diagnosed with eye cancer and successfully went through eye surgery to get the cancer out. He is on ongoing medications. There is also Tomichi (Tom), a two year old horse, who was rescued from Crested Butte. He has been wormed and vaccinated and is now working on gaining wait to become healthy again.
The second way to help is to donate time. It might be a smelly job but a great way to support this organization is by volunteering to shovel manure. You could also help groom the animals and feed them. All of the animals there need TLC. (tender loving care.) You can also donate time by coming and volunteering with you girl scout troop or your boy scout troop.
Another way to help is by donating supplies. Supplies like, a cover for a tractor, clean hay, paper bedding, scoop shovels, a cover for a fowl enclosure, cordless drills, drill bits and basic tools, also ladders of any size. The Edwards foundation is a unique place for our furry and feathered friends to live. It also lets people have the opportunity to learn how to care for animals. If you want to get involved you can learn more by going to www.EdwardsAnimals.com.