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The Final Season.....film review

(I dedicate my article to the students who are affected by the Denver schools being closed. Remember to "Never Give Up!" )Film Rating: A- The Final Season was a GREAT movie! It was actually based on a true story.The message from the movie I got was thatyou should "Never Give Up!".Also I learned that lies always get bigger. If you tell the truth, then you don't have to remember what you said forcing you to lie again. The main story around the movie involved a baseball team named the Norway Tigers from Norway, Iowa. At the start of the movie, they were State Champions for 19 years. They had a great deal of pride from winning so many games. Until suddenly, the President of the school board wanted to close the small school consolidating their school to a bigger one a town over. People fought against him because they knew that the students would get lost in the large school and not be able to play the way they did at the current school. Then to make matters worse their coach for the last 19 yearswas transferred schools leaving the Norway Tigers to start over fresh with a new coach.You could actually relate to the players and what was going on with them and how they felt in the scenes. You will laugh and cry at this movie. However, I gave it a minus because it did get a little slow in parts for me. Overall though, it ROCKS! Be ready to see an inspirational movie! You have to see it! Check out more movie information here: http://www.finalseason.com/indexFlash.php?page=index